Friday, May 13, 2011

Back in the saddle (trail shoes) again

I was given the o.k. to start running again last Wednesday.  The MRI showed a healthy knee for the most part, just a little excess fluid built up (not sure what that means really).  Dr. just asked that I PLEASE listen to my body and back off as the pain dictates.  While that seems simple and reasonable to me, I have, on occasion, been known NOT to make the best decisions when it comes to my body and pain.

I'm using a pain grading system of 0-10; a 0 being no pain and a 10 being "just cut my leg off!" This pain scale is a good reference. For the last few days I've been running at a pain level between 2 and 3.  My runs have been between 4 and 7 miles at an easily maintained pace, although I've noticed a significant loss in my aerobic fitness. The fitness will return in time but it's probably good it doesn't exist now or else I'm sure I'd push my knee to hard.

I look forward to getting back to some real running in the next few weeks and maybe writing about cool runs in cool places (with some pictures too).  It may happen even sooner than I think, if the weather holds out this weekend. Might try to head out with my brother and run up to the high point in a mountain range east of Lovelock (Nevada). Something like 3,000 ft. of gain in 5 miles...I anticipate a bunch of walking!

I'm seriously contemplating running the 50 kilometer race at the Silver State 50/50 on the 21st (a little over a week away).  I have the opportunity to run it with one of my closest friends and don't want to miss out on that.  Not the best course of action for healing the knee but there are ample bail out points if it appears I'm hurting my recovery (Leadville is the goal of the year and I'll keep that in mind).

Stats for the last 8 days:
7 days of running
36 total miles
5hrs. 25 min.

It's nice to be running again.

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DCraig said...

Excellent news, keep patient and you'll be strong soon. Let's hope for good, or at least interesting, weather this weekend.